Welcome to Wikiped-ia, Sir or Madame.

Welcome to Wikiped-ia! We recently had a large hacking attack, so please excuse the absence of theme, maintenance, or creation in a while. We have restored our old pages and put new ones. Same rules apply as before; No spamming, extreme cursing, cyber bullying, offense, or adult-like themes or references. Remember, the Illuminati is watching.


See the Guide Lines for list of rules. Credit to lilybirdg for writing them out on a page.


This site has a convenient live chat feature where you can chat with other users and staff. You must have at least 1 edit to chat. Same rules as pages apply to the chat. No swearing, cursing, adult themes or photographs, or threat.


If you need any help, you can leave a message on the staff members' walls or email the founder of this site at


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