Lily's Blog

hi, this is going to be a blog where I will blog about certain things And give you some scoop.

okay so i have some scoop about the new movie coming out on Mas 15th, 2015, starring Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson, I'm sure you can probably guess the name of this movie, the sequel to Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect 2. In the new movie they will be singing "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea feat. Charlie XCX. That is basically all the scoop I know. And if you watched the trailer you will be able to see that they will be doing a remix of "Cups" by Anna Kendrick, the real actress playing beca.

So, let's talk about The Fault in our Stars, thats a great movie overall. Loved Gus and Hazel. But pretty unexpected that Gus died at the end. If you haven't seen it I'm sorry I spoiled the ending, the book was great too. This movie was really big, something about having cancer in a movie really brings in the audience and the tears. What I was thinking is that Gus's frieno should marry Hazel, if they have a seque. that would have been really cool! that book thing that they had was really cute, it's cool to read books!

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