So I was at school, 11:25 AM, 4th period, Language Arts. I was working on an essay when all of the sudden somebody started screaming. The screamer was somebody at P.E. playing some game. Of course, it distracted the hell out of me, and I couldn't finish the essay. :( So I go punch the kid in the face. At the exact same time, me and the kid both have a physiological breakdown, causing us to go, face-to-face, with each other in a fiery arena with minotaurs in the audience cheering for the kid. "Fighters ready" someone said. "FIIGGHHHTTT" he said. He put me in a headlock and threw me across the room. I walked up and slapped him at least 70 times and put him into a triangle. He tries to tap out, but I refuse. I end up choking the kid to death and, in my dream world, became the best fighter the world has ever seen. When me and the kid woke up, we were both in the principal's office with Principal Ciadiamonte and Dean Rogers discussing the consequences for me punching him in the face. It was decided that I would be suspended for 3 days. In that 3 day period, I had enough time to finish my essay.

When I got back to school, most of my day went fine. I was able to turn in the essay to my Language Arts teacher and I got full credit. My female friend, Wendy, asked me out to a movie. I said "yeah, I guess so", however I did not know how I was gonna convince my parents to let me go to a movie after I just got suspended for punching someone. When I get to lunch, however, I see him. The kid, the screamer, the one who got me suspended. I walk up to him and push him to the wall and then he, full on, goes BALLISTIC on me. Punches. Kicks. Slaps. Ju Jitsu. Boxing combos. Pushes. Stabs with a pencil. Choking. I am knocked out. I wake up after almost 6 months, being in a coma. My voice is significantly deeper and I am taller than I was. My parents assured me I had only been in the coma for 6 months. When they left, I asked the doctor, who told me that they had lied and I had been in a coma for 18 years, and was now 28 years old. He then asked me if I could remember having hallucinations during my 10 year old period. I told him about the hallucination I had about the kid and the arena fight.

When I am released from the hospital, I immediately go to the police office to report the kid to them. I gave them all the info I could remember,

Justin DuParr

Around 27 or 28 years old

Crimes: Assault, needless accusation, attempted murder, stabbing.

They searched for his public record, which stated that he had died over 10 years ago. I accepted this fact and walked away to start my life as an adult. I went home to my parents to tell them that I know they lied and that I knew I was an adult. They let me take all of my stuff from when I was 10. My laptop, my phone, and other stuff. My phone had 1,758 missed calls, 864 of which were from my friend Alex. I move into a small apartment, where I could fit all my stuff. At night, I walked around, attempting to get used to my surroundings. That's when it happens; I see him. I see Justin, the kid that ruined my life and took 18 years away from it, which I could have spent doing awesome things. He walks up and says "Hey, it's you. You do know you're the reason I had to fake my own death, right?" "So it is you" I said. "Well, you're the reason I lost 18 years and 3 days of my life." He then pulls out a knife. "I will use this.... if I have to" I then head back to my apartment.

The next day, I go to my old school, where this all started. There was a "class of 22 reunion" happening. They were doing a roll call. "Alexander Hershaveck. Aiden Robberto. Alexis Smith." It just went on and on and on. Until they got to G. "Gregory Destephano. Gavin Ross" I am Gavin Ross, so I clap. Then we get to J. "James Nick. Justin DuParr" Justin steps in just as they call his name. Go figure. The police heard his name being said at the gathering and him saying "here" for himself. They come in and scan his fingerprint, confirming he was Justin DuParr. They sentenced him to the longest prison sentence in history; life plus 800,748,971,004,618 years. I was there to see this event. He pulled a gun on the officer. When he got his taser, he was shot. Justin ran away. I never saw Justin or anyone from my school days again and lived a normal life.

So that was the complete story of the most distracting thing ever.

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