So I was at school, 11:25 AM, 4th period, Language Arts. I was working on an essay when all of the sudden somebody started screaming. The screamer was somebody at P.E. playing some game. Of course, it distracted the hell out of me, and I couldn't finish the essay. :( So I go punch the kid in the face. At the exact same time, me and the kid both have a physiological breakdown, causing us to go, face-to-face, with each other in a fiery arena with minotaurs in the audience cheering for the kid. "Fighters ready" someone said. "FIIGGHHHTTT" he said. He put me in a headlock and threw me across the room. I walked up and slapped him at least 70 times and put him into a triangle. He tries to tap out, but I refuse. I end up choking the kid to death and, in my dream world, became the best fighter the world has ever seen. When me and the kid woke up, we were both in the principal's office with Principal Ciadiamonte and Dean Rogers discussing the consequences for me punching him in the face. It was decided that I would be suspended for 3 days. In that 3 day period, I had enough time to finish my essay,

This was the most annoying and distracting thing ever.

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