Dipper and Mabel went up stairs and fell asleep.The next morning they woke up in an army bunker. Dipper and Mabel didn't know why they were in there. Dipper said "Its probably Bill". They didn't know for sure but they had no idea of who else it could have been. Dipper saw a strange marking on the wall and it looked liked the blind eye symbol but it wasn't nessasarily the blind eye because it had a big triangle around it. Mabel said "It has to be Bill". Dipper said "No cause if it is Bill then why is there a blind eye symbol in the middle?".They got out the bunker and immediately stopped.They saw Bill and the leader of the blind eye making a deal.They over heard them saying that they were going to destroy the machine that Stan Pines was building.

(To Be Continued)

[The author of this fiction was Pant Ross before he got an account]