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WIkiped-ia 2015 awards

Hello again Wikiped-ians,

I wanted to give awards for WIkiped-ia edits!

The award for: Best Administrator goes to: Lilybirdg, for keeping order on the site.

The award for: Best original story goes to: G. Ross, for The Most Distracting Thing Ever saga

The award for: Most comments goes to Banana, for reaching 38 comments.

The award for: First overall user goes to Pant Ross, for being the first user besides the founder.

The award for: First ever page goes to Fan fiction by Anthony Rossi, for being the first page on Wikiped-ia.

The award for: Most edits goes to Fiddleford H. McGucket, with 101 edits.

The award for: Most edits from an IP adress goes to with 67 edits.

These are all the 2015 awards on Wikiped-ia!


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