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What is it?

I know I'm sort of like a staff- member but I don't understand the whole idea of all these wikias, what is the purpose for it all. Hopefully, my good friend, Robert can explain further about wikia. I know it's for fandom and for a secific thing like the Star Wars Wikia, but I would like further explanation. Thanks in advance!

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Hello Lily.

I'm sorry I didn't reply to this WAY earlier.

The purpose of Wikias are so people can collaborate on topics regarding their interests. For example, the Star Wars Wikia, also known as Wookiepedia, is a community where fans of Star Wars from all around the globe can connect with each other and discus and share knowledge about Star Wars. They are souly created based on one's interest and knowledge of a subject, and to help other people better understand that subject.


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