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• 6/22/2015


Hello Wikiped-ians,
I wanted to talk about something that 50% of our users are in; relationships. Relationships are great:
.They can make a person significantly happier
.They can improve state of mind
.They can help people attain understanding and self confidence
.They can help shape lives
I am, personally, in a relationship with another prominent user on this Wiki. I would prefer not to state who, but if she wants to say it, she is welcome to. Lets start a trend; on July 4, 2015, everyone comment on this post saying whether or not you are in a relationship. Since I am not comfortable with it, I am not asking you to post who you are in a relationship with, but if you want to, feel free to do so.
As always, enjoy Wikiped-ia,
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• 4/9/2015

Let's have a discussion about life

Life is great, everything, well maybe not everything, like death, that's not great, but let's not talk about that. Otherwise, life can be awesome, like going to school, eating, sleeping. All great things! Am I right?
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